Frequently Asked Questions - Activities and Events

FAQs - Activities and Events

No, there are no charges for any activities.

No, there is no need to register in advance for any events or activities.

No, all our events are open to the public.

Absolutely not. Many of us sit on stools or chairs. We have plenty of chairs, stools, cushions, etc.

You can also bring your own. You may like to read about what to expect if you haven't

No, not at all. Everyone interested in learning is welcome.

We are a family friendly place. While there are some activities specifically for young people, parents

can decide what other events are suitable for their children.

Sinhala is one of the languages spoken in Sri Lanka.

In Theravada Buddhism, an Anagarika (Pali: anāgārika/ā; lit., "homeless one") is a person who

has given up all of worldly possessions and responsibilities to commit full-time to Buddhist


The Dhamma, the truth taught by the Buddha, is uncovered gradually through sustained

practice. This is access to Insight. The Buddha made clear many times that Awakening does not

occur like a bolt out of the blue to the untrained and unprepared mind. Rather, it culminates a

long journey of many stages. At each stage of this "gradual training", the practitioner discovers a

new and important dimension of the law of cause-and-effect — kamma, the cornerstone of Right

View. It is thus a very useful organizing framework with which to view the entirety of the

Buddha's teachings.