Meritorious event of Blood Donation organized for the 1st time by Acton Anagarika Asapuwa with the blessings of Pinwath Maniyanwahanses.

Date : Thursday February 16th

Venue : Acton Legion Hall, 15, Wright Avenue, Acton, ON L7J 2T7

IMG 8061

We are delighted to announce that the unveiling ceremony of a very serene replica of our great teacher Supreme Buddha, was gifted to Mahamevnawa Buddhist Nuns' Centre in Acton, ON by a very kind devotee family, is magnificently placed on a beautiful buddha/flower alter constructed with your meritorious donations & great efforts.


We are about to step into a golden era, to experience a significant landmark in our lives. It’s like a magnificent dream come true. With the great compassion of our most Venerable Loku Swameenwahansa, we have been gifted with a sacred fountain of Dhamma to inspire the hearts of many thousands in the far west. The most long awaited auspicious date is unfolding slowly. .